Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thomas Sweany

My 4th Great Grandfather --

Born: 1805 in Frederick, Frederick County, Maryland
Died: 6 Dec 1881 in Goshen Township, Tuscawaras County, Ohio

Father: Daniel Sweany
Mother: Sarah? (not Ellen Dunbar)

Siblings: William Sweany, Elizabeth Sweany, Samuel Sweany, Jacob Sweany, Rebecca Sweany (Deardoff)

Wife: Anna Maria Roof

Children: Jamima "Jennie" Sweany (Rittenhouse); Jacob Henry Sweany; Frederick Reginald Sweaney; Daniel Sweany; Mary Anne Sweany (Korns)

Places lived: Frederick, Maryland; Pennsylvania; Ohio

Died of unknown causes. May be buried in Lindentree Cemetery with father and brothers in Carroll County, Ohio.

Frederick Reginald Sweaney

My 3rd Great Grandfather --

Born: 18 May 1835 in New Philadelphia, Tuscawaras, Ohio.
Died: 6 Jan 1887 in Chanute, Neosho, Kansas.

Father: Thomas Sweany
Mother: Anna Maria Roof

Siblings: Jamima "Jennie" Sweany (Rittenhouse); Jacob Henry Sweany; Daniel Sweany; Mary Anne Sweany (Korns)

Wife: Sarah Ann Thompson

Children: Ida Helen Sweaney (died as infant); Edgar Daniel Sweaney; Susan Ann Sweaney (Myers); Dolly Sweaney; William Anderson Sweaney; Maggie Sweaney (Phillips); Harry Grant Sweaney (died as infant); James Clinton Sweaney; Adam Shirdon Sweaney; Nellie May Sweaney (died as infant).

Places lived: New Philadelphia, Ohio; Chanute, Kansas.

Facts I know: Served for about a year or two in the Civil War in the 161st Ohio Infantry (Union) as a Private.

Not sure what he died of; causes unknown. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery in Chanute, Kansas next to wife, Sarah.

Edgar Daniel Sweaney

Edgar Sweaney; ca. 1900s; Kansas
My 2nd Great Grandfather ---

Born: 13 Feb 1861 in New Philadelphia, Tuscawaras, Ohio.
Died: 9 May 1938 in Omak, Okanogan, Washington

Height: Tall
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Father: Frederick Reginald Sweaney
Mother: Sarah Ann Thompson (see American Indian family)

Siblings: Susan Ann Sweaney (Myers); Harry Grant Sweaney (died infancy); Ida Helen Sweaney (died infancy); William Anderson
                                                      Sweaney; Dolly Sweaney (died age 38); Maggie Sweaney (Phillips);
                                                      James Clinton Sweaney; Adam Shirdon Sweaney; Nellie May
                                                      Sweaney (died as an infant).

                                                      Wives: Florence Adaline Rhoades; Clara Esther Carter; Rachel
                                                      Emanda Martin (Thacker)

                                                      Children: Charles Alvin Sweaney, Vernon Victor Sweaney,
                                                                      Elmer Eugene Sweaney, Melissa Lorene Sweaney
                                                                      (Owen, Molyneux), Fred Reginald Sweaney,
                                                                      June Louise Sweaney (Galbraith), Vivian Doris Sweaney

Places lived: New Philadelphia, Ohio; Neosho County, Kansas; Oklahoma Territory; Brewster, Washington

Facts I know: He is 1/2 American Indian from his Mother's side, and 1/2 Irish/English on Father's side.

He died of stomach cancer. He is buried in Locust Grove Cemetery in Brewster, Washington next to wife, Rachel.

Elmer Eugene Sweaney

Elmer Sweaney; ca 1940; Idaho
My Great Grandfather ---

Born 16 Feb 1897 in Thayer, Neosho County, Kansas.
Died  2 Nov 1951 in Caldwell, Canyon County, Idaho.

Height: Tall
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

Father: Edgar Daniel SWEANEY
Mother: Clara Esther CARTER (see Carter Family Tree)
Full siblings: Melissa Lorene Sweaney (Owen, Molyneux), Fred Reginald Sweaney
Half siblings: Charles Alvin Sweaney, Vernon Victor Sweaney,
                                                                        Harold Bernard Lundy, James Elroy Lundy,
                                                                        Velma Virginia Lundy (Stam), June Sweaney (Galbraith)
                                                                        Vivian Doris Sweaney (Scott)
                                                 Wife: Zenobia Pierce; Martha ?
                                                 Children: Elmer "Pat" Sweaney, Jr., Charles "Jack" Eugene Sweaney,          
                                                                 Esther Lorene Sweaney (Rogers); Harold Wayne Sweaney

Places lived (according to Census): Chanute, Kansas; Oklahoma Territory; Borger, Texas; Brewster, Washington; Yeager, Washington; Idaho; Oregon.

Facts I know: Could play piano by heart; worked as a Teamster and a Farmer.

Died of Lung Cancer. Buried in Canyon Hill Cemetery; Caldwell, Idaho.

Harold Wayne Sweaney

Wayne Sweaney ca. 1950; Colorado

My Grandfather went by his middle name WAYNE for most of his life. 
He was born to Elmer Eugene SWEANEY and Zenobia PIERCE on 7 Nov 1927 in Borger, Hutchinson, Texas.

Borger was a city where the Sweaneys grew up for their first years until 1930, when they moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho, then later to Oregon State in 1940.

Wayne joined the Navy in 1945, where he fought towards the end of World War II. 

In 1948, he met my Grandmother, Viola Marie Meyers. They married the same year on 19 Dec 1948 in Reno, Nevada. In 1949, my Aunt Carol was born, while the family lived next door to Pat and Jack Sweaney (Wayne's brother's) in Caldwell, Idaho. In 1952, my Dad, Steve, was born. 

The family moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado soon after my Dad's birth. There in 1953, Diane was born. In 1956, Stan was born.

Wayne and Viola divorced, and Wayne remarried to Norma Kay Shippee (Morris). Their sons, Pat and Mike Sweaney, were born in 1956 and 1958.

Wayne and Kay divorced. Wayne remarried a third time a little later to Lorraine Eaton. They had one daughter born in 1978.

Wayne died of heart failure in his sleep on 5 July 1980. He is buried at Fort Logan's National Cemetery in Denver, Colorado.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jacob Weller and the Moravian Church

If you have read through my blog, and are a Sweaney from Frederick County, Maryland, you are most likely related to Jacob Weller.

This is what I found through my research.

The children of my distant Great Grandfather, William Sweaney, and his wife, Christina Harbaugh, daughter of Ludwig Harbaugh and Christina Weller, were all baptized in the Apples Lutheran Reformed Church.

Note: The Jacob Weller mentioned who founded the Graceham Moravian Church is my Distant Great Grandfather, Jacob Weller, father of Christina Weller, who is the mother of Christina Harbaugh, who is the wife of the William Sweany mentioned above.

The Harbaughs and Wellers were part of the German influx into Frederick County, Maryland in the early 1700's. 
The Sweaneys were Irish settlers that came from nearby counties, such as Prince George's, Anne Arundel, Charles, and Talbot Counties. These Sweaneys were descendants of French Huguenot, Daniel Seney who arrived in Maryland in 1674.

According to, this is what they said about the Apples Lutheran Reformed Church in Frederick, Maryland:

The exact date of the origin of the German Churches in Frederick County is lost. Some have placed it as early as 1732, but there is no evidence. The earliest proved date is 1742 at which time "The Monocacy Church" (Lutheran and Reformed) was in existence, and by 1745 had a church building two miles from Graceham and about one mile from Michael Reissner's plantation. David Candler of Conewago (Littlestown) was the pastor of the Lutheran congregation, but the Reformed did not, as yet, have a minister.

In 1746, a group from both congregations withdrew to found a Moravian congregation at the house of Jacob Weller. This eventually became the Graceham Moravian Church.

The French and Indian War, with the terrible massacres which followed Braddock's defeat, led to a mass evacuation of the mountain farms all along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Those who stayed behind fortified Graceham Church as a place of refuge — much to the horror of the peaceful Moravians. By the time the people re-turned to their farms in the 1760's a need for new schools and churches was very evident.

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Branch on Barr Family Tree

My 2nd Great Grandmother was Mary Barr.
She married (1) Joseph Melvin Bailey on 17 Sept 1899 in LeRoy Township, Osceola, Michigan
She married (2) Horace M. Myers on 23 Sept 1893 in LeRoy Township, Osceola, Michigan
She married (3) Charles E. Burton 8 March 1895 in Cedar Township, Osceola, Michigan

All three marriage records on, mention Mary Hagerman as Mary's mother.

Looking further, I entered the name Hagerman into the search engine, and included Barr as married name.
 I came up with the birth records of Mary's siblings in Auglaize County, Ohio.

The siblings were: Joseph Bahr born in 1861
                              John Alfred Bahr born in 1864
                              Eliza Matilda Bahr born in 1868
                              Eva Louise Bahr born in 1870
                       and Bertha Malisa Bahr born in 1876.

Mary was born in Auglaize, Ohio in 1872.

On siblings birth records mentions father is August (Augustus, Augustin) Bahr, born around 1835 in Germany (Prussia).